Just Older Youth

JOY is very active in the church and community. If you are looking for a ministry for ages 55 and older then JOY ministries is just for you.

We would like to give you a personal invitation to come to one of our JOY meetings. We meet every fourth Tuesday of every month, except when when we are on a road trip. We take a road trip several times a year.

JOY gathers in the fellowship hall for food, fun, & fellowship. We also have Bible studies. JOY supports every ministry in the church. You will not catch this group sitting around getting old. They choose to be as active as they can be for God. This group is very youthful and knows how to stay young. We live up to our name JUST OLDER YOUTH!

We are looking for new members, and I think I just found one.

See you there.

Key Contact

Connie Howe